After GLITCh 2016

GLITCh 2016: AfterShock

The story of those who Really Know Games

GLITCh 2016 is now over and we’d like to thank to all of you who visited our booth at Gamescom and participated at the Game Lovers International Trivia Championship. We hope you had as much fun with the game as we had making it!

And the winners of GLITCh 2016 are:

  1. Andreas Törmer,
  2. Gary Sheppard,
  3. Riffy Bol,

The GLITCh app was created only for Gamescom, but if you enjoyed playing GLITCh, you might like our flagship game, Triviador, as well:

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Take a look at the GLITCh 2016 app screenshots:

GLITCh 2016 -Game Map #1 GLITCh 2016 -Game Map #2 GLITCh 2016 - Multiple Choice Question

GLITCh 2016 - Guess Question GLITCh 2016 - Target GLITCh 2016 - End Screen

Finally, here are a few pictures of our Gamescom booth and the GLITCh 2016 event:

GLITCh2016-booth-01 GLITCh2016-booth-03 GLITCh2016-booth

GLITCh2016-host-01 GLITCh2016-finalists-01 GLITCh2016-game-03

GLITCh2016-game-01 GLITCh2016-game-02