Triviador USA Finally Arrives on iOS

The cross-platform trivia strategy game is now out of its open beta testphase on iOS, and awaits new players with revamped gameplay and graphics

Budapest, Hungary – March 31, 2016

Triviador USA, the newest addition to the Triviador family that already counts 14 games and overall generated more than 50 million registered users, is finally available on iOS as a free-to-play game.

Triviador USA is a trivia strategy game combining speed, skill, knowledge and luck as players vie to conquer territories on a US map by answering 100% crowd-sourced trivia questions ranging across 10 different categories.

To celebrate this debut developer THX Games decided to revamp the entire game from the ground up adding new characters, a more sophisticated and user-friendly interface, completely overhauled graphics and many more new features. Triviador USA is a cross-platform game, new players on iOS can join a vivid community ranging over various platforms like Android, Facebook and the original version at

Download: [download id=”1000″]

“As Triviador USA is a multi-platform game that’s also coming to iOS now, it is important that it should also be cross-platform: you can start playing on your smartphone, and if you get a call, you can continue uninterrupted on Facebook or on Yahoo without missing a question or losing your game, and, most importantly, you do not have to make multiple accounts” – said Attila Bihari, THX Games CEO.

Triviador USA is far more than just a game testing your trivia knowledge, but provides an entire world of characters, intriguing storylines, missions, and the ability for players to connect with one another in many ways, including a full range of social media features.

About Triviador

Triviador is a fast-paced, mass multi-player strategy trivia quiz game. Players conquer territories by winning challenging trivia battles. Through strategy and classic adventure game-play,  players can battle one another across many different maps and in many languages for global domination. Players can build a castle, upgrade buildings, form a clan, invite friends, chat in the lobby and write their own questions. | App Store | Google Play | Facebook

About THX Games

THX Games is a games company with a great mission: redefining fun through the power of knowledge and play. We believe that the biggest playground in the world is the human mind… and when great minds come together, something electrifying happens! As an online game designer, developer and publishing company, our goal is to deliver enriching games that combine fun and facts, instead of simple one-minute distractions.

THX Games Press Assets


Main Features Graphic - v.11 (#1 - Trivia & Strategy)
Trivia & Strategy A unique game genre that offers more than a simple quiz game. Conquer territories and attack castles while answering trivia questions. Test your knowledge and use your strategic skills.
Main Features Graphic - v.11 (#2 - Leagues & Rank LIsts)
Leagues & Rank Lists Join the competition, enter tournaments and gain a top place in the Rank Lists for ultimate rewards. Reach the highest League! Be a trivia champion!
Thriving Community Join or make a clan, play and chat with thousands of trivia fans. Invite friends to join you for a friendly match, rate player-submitted question, or create your own.
Main Features Graphic - v.11 (#4 - Empire of Fun)
Empire of Fun Customize your world – create a unique avatar, expand your village and upgrade your buildings for increased rewards. Be creative while you expand your Empire of Knowledge!
Main Features Graphic - v.11 (#5 - Cross-Platform)
Cross-platform Play from any device, anywhere! Start playing on a PC and continue the game on your mobile or tablet while you’re on the go without losing your progress. Triviador USA is the definition of cross-platform.


Name: Triviador USA
Developer: THX Games
Publisher: THX Games
Genre: Trivia, Strategy, Multiplayer
iOS Release Date: March 30, 2016
Price: Free


Download the [download id=”1150″].
If you have any questions or want to do an interview, please get in touch. As the game is free to play, you can start reviewing it without a code. So just go ahead if you wish!
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