THX Games is a global trivia entertainment company with big dreams and creativity to match.
When a trivia question is being asked somewhere in the world, we want to be the driving influence behind it.
Welcome to the world of THX Games!

Connecting minds

With millions of players worldwide, we localize our trivia questions for maximum fun!

Igniting emotions

Curious? Compulsive? Competitive? So are we! It’s perfectly normal. (Really.)

Redefining fun

You haven’t experienced trivia fun until you’ve played it the THX Games way.

Who we are

Trivia games are hundreds of years old. We don’t have that ancestry, but we have that longevity. Find out more about our company.

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THX Games are experts in Free-to-Play games and we’ve solved the scalability issue.


You love our games – and there’s more coming. Prepare to answer more fun questions with new games coming this year!



THX Games is growing – we’re not resting on our laurels! With our time-tested game design, we’ve been around and we know how to create games you’ll love!

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People LOVE trivia. In the past 70 years, nothing has come close to the popularity of trivia games.  This has existed since the creation of life.  Game and trivia shows are timeless and endless – the challenge is putting a Q&A trivia game into a new and entertaining format.

Tim Crescenti

President, Small World IFT

These guys at THX Games have really broken down all the walls… truly impressive!

Tibor Toth

Country Manager, MATTEL

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