• Creativity 95%
  • Problem-solving 89%
  • Development 93%
  • Determination 100%

THX Games is a group of explorers with big dreams and an even greater mission: redefining fun through the power of play. We exploit all technologies and the world’s knowledge to bring trivia thrills to people across the globe, asking them questions that have cultural significance to them.

We believe that the biggest playground in the world is the human mind… and when great minds come together, something electrifying happens.

Like you, THX Games embraces the challenges we face, so we’re always looking at new ways to create and propagate fun. Our contribution to world peace is our trivia games, giving people a forum through answering questions and learning that can bring individuals around the world together to build friendships and spread knowledge.

Our passion

THX Games was born from our team’s compulsive need to ask and answer silly questions all day, and the overwhelming desire to share the fun with people in all corners of the globe.

From humble beginnings, we’ve grown with games that more than 2 million active players continue to love and interact with every day.


Our edge

We’re totally focused on trivia gaming; making it accessible, interesting and available to everyone, everywhere, and on every platform.

THX Games’ modular system allows us to customize and create games with fresh themes and skins for new audiences. And unlike many other games, we don’t simply translate our questions – we localize them so our questions are fun and engaging for our international players.

Our ambitions

We’re seasoned experts who bring a wealth of experience in creating engaging games, overcoming challenges, and solving business problems. Our purpose each and every day is to think of better ways to ignite emotions and have fun through gaming. With our experience in the global market, our modular gaming system, and our expertise and ambition, we want to scale up.

Like our players, we’re ready to learn, grow, go the distance and achieve our objectives.

Our mission

Our mission is our passion for trivia. We aim to connect minds, ignite emotions, and redefine fun!

THX Games is a people-based company: we believe that there’s nothing more engaging we should be doing than asking entertaining questions to each other all day. We want our efforts to reflect our drive to connect people across the world through building communities, challenging one another to learn and grow, and to do so through the use of entertainment and friendly competition.

Our primary focus on player engagement and participation is the source of our energy and vitality, setting us apart from others.

Irresistible trivia fun – that’s our game.

What's yours?