2 Million Downloads on Android

Triviador Reaches 2 Million Downloads on Android

Bringing Strategy, Knowledge and Fun to a Vast New Global Community in Less than a Year

Budapest, Hungary – December 15, 2015

THX Games, an independent Hungarian game developer company, announced that Triviador, their free-to-play strategy & trivia game, just hit the 2 million download mark on Android after making its mobile debut in March 2015. Triviador was rated a Top 25 Game on Facebook in 2012 and the mobile version became one of the most successful trivia games on Google Play in about half a year. Triviador has now set its sights on expanding to the iOS platform.

The altogether 14 official game versions under the Triviador IP ensure that all players from different cultural backgrounds can find their best trivia experience. Within the three international world map versions and in the various country-specific versions played on unique maps you will find a different set of 100% player-generated questions, reflecting the interests and worldview of the game’s global community.

“Every Triviador game was constructed from the ground up based on our strict principles of localization. We firmly believe that this approach to localization is one of the most important reasons for the game’s success. We’re determined to keep ourselves to this idea in the future to bring trivia thrills to all people across the globe.” – Attila Bihari, CEO at THX Games.

About Triviador

Triviador is a fast-paced, mass multi-player strategy trivia quiz game. Players conquer territories by winning challenging trivia battles. Through strategy and classic adventure game-play,  players can battle one another across many different maps and in many languages for global domination. Players can build a castle, upgrade buildings, form a clan, invite friends, chat in the lobby and write their own questions.

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About THX Games

THX Games is a games company with a great mission: redefining fun through the power of knowledge and play. We believe that the biggest playground in the world is the human mind… and when great minds come together, something electrifying happens! As an online game designer, developer and publishing company, our goal is to deliver enriching games that combine fun and facts, instead of simple one-minute distractions.

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Name: Triviador
Developer: THX Games
Publisher: THX Games
Genre: Trivia, Strategy, Multiplayer
Price: Free

If you have any questions or want to do an interview, please get in touch. As the game is free to play, you can start reviewing it without a code. So just go ahead if you wish!
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