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Budapest, Hungary – January 10, 2017

January is the season for making new plans and setting new goals. At THX GAMES, we believe that before making any new plans we should look back at the previous year and draw some conclusions. So we began the New Year with a collection our successes and, of course, our hard times as we look back at 2016.

First, let’s take a look at everything that happened last year.

It was a very eventful year for us. We continued the mobile releases of the different versions of Triviador. We successfully released all our games on mobile platforms, totaling of dozens of apps.

Our Romanian, Bulgarian and Turkish applications were highly successful since their launch and continue to top the charts.

In the beginning of the summer we renewed our cooperation with TV Nova (owned by CME) in the Czech Republic and updated the Czech version of Triviador, called Dobyvatel, and subsequently released it on mobile platforms.

In August, we were presented at Gamescom 2016 in Cologne, Germany as an exhibitor for the first time. We showcased our unique and powerful trivia engine, where it was demonstrated through a live trivia championship event called the Game Lover’s International Trivia Championship, or GLITCh.


We also celebrated Triviador’s 5th birthday in October. We received the best & biggest gift we could have gotten, which was that we got the chance to operate the Hungarian version of Triviador, Honfoglaló, again. 

Since the return of Honfoglaló, we held a major event at PlayIT in Budapest, Hungary – a live quiz show hosted by well-known Youtubers.

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In addition to this event, the Hungarian game conquered Google Play in December. In 2 short months, we quadrupled our DAU. The Hungarian game remains at the top of the charts as the #1 game in Hungary (daily download numbers):



So, what’s in the cards for 2017?

Adding new features to Triviador, such as Tournaments, Missions, Rank Lists, and much more! 
Release new native advertisement options, such as skinned game maps, sponsored questions and sponsored boosters in place of  the usual ads (banners, etc). We feel these options are better because they give real and valuable things to the players promoted by a company, like free Boosters, new questions, etc.

Release a new (small) THX game on new platform. We would like to make our new, light-weight, trivia game for the Facebook messenger platform.

We will also continue our cooperation with Youtubers to develop a new interactive show tool. We are set to do our best to reach our very first goal: make a tv show of Honfoglaló.

Lastly, we will begin work on expanding the Triviador brand to other parts of the world, possibly China or Japan.


Name: Triviador

Developer: THX Games

Publisher: THX Games

Genre: Trivia, Strategy, Multiplayer

Platforms: Android,

Price: Free

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