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Product Manager

Oversees the definition and development of gaming products as an integrated product line. Supports the creation, management and deployment of games. Works closely with CEO and other functional areas, including marketing and operations.

  • Product management 90%
  • Marketing 80%
  • Excellent communications 80%


Helps build the tools and frameworks necessary to continue delivering top-notch interactive games, develop innovative gaming products and troubleshoots server-side issues. Creates the backbone of our company with expertise and knowledge of various coding languages.

  • Programming/Technical experience 90%
  • Creativity 70%
  • Passion for game-play 100%

Game Analyst

Analyses statistics and data and makes recommendations for current and future gaming operations across the company. Integrates performance, customer behaviour, cultural variables and other relevant data sets to identify possible opportunities for improvement.

  • Business intelligence 70%
  • Stats software 80%
  • Continuous improvement 80%

Social Media Guru

Sets and executes our social media marketing strategy and initiatives, creates engaging content, and manage resources associated with those efforts. Leverages digital marketing and analytics skills,  storytelling, and editorial experience to enhance customer happiness.

  • Communications 90%
  • Analytics 60%
  • Community Management 90%


At THX Games, we value collaboration and teamwork – they’re not just catch-phrases for us. If you like to shoot the breeze, ask and answer silly questions all day, and work with a great team of professionals making fabulous games, get in touch.


Innovative Ideas

Have a great gaming idea? Great! Let us know about it. Our team loves to hear about how we can make our products better, and great ideas come from all levels of our company. You’ll find that THX Games is open and receptive to innovative ideas from our team.


Flexible working conditions

We know what creative people are like, and it’s a global market, so we’re open to working with professionals based remotely. Our working conditions are flexible. As long as the job gets done, we don’t mind if you’re sitting at your desk in the office or in a café down the street. We work the way we live.


A great atmosphere

Our whole reason for being is to redefine fun, so we make it a priority at work to enjoy ourselves and create a pleasant atmosphere while we’re working. We’re always open to ideas on how to enhance our work environment, be in with green improvements or team outings. Join our team and see how nice it can be to work with others who value you as a person.


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